About project
MOD is a new multifunctional complex located in the area of Maryina Roshcha.
It consists of several buildings, accommodating housing, restaurants, fitness and spa centers, shops, an educational center, a two-level underground parking.
The basis of the three-dimensional composition makes three strict skyscraper towers, complemented by two small buildings. It’s their dynamic plastic solution that serves as an antithesis of the towers’ regularity.
The building of the educational center, on the contrary, is designed in a smoothly curved glass facade to emphasize the functional individuality of the volume.

The basis of the concept of the high-rise residential complex MOD was the alignment of contrasting solutions. Plastic facades are both minimalistic and elaborate, the height of skyscrapers matches the comfort of low-rise buildings inside the complex, while the severity of the stone is complemented by warm golden reflections. One of the main challenges was to maintain a comfortable scale as well as human-friendly spaces featuring large project volumes.

Minimalism in architecture can be vibrant and tactile. From the general silhouette of the building to the elements of landscape and design, the project applies the principle of general harmony. Distinctive features are the rigor and simplicity of lines together with the purity of proportions, complemented by vivid emotional inclusions.

Considering the silhouettel, the MOD complex makes three strict, thin monolithic volumes. The towers are completed by glass penthouse floors resembling a golden crown.

Customer: MR Group

Status: under construction

Type: residential buildings

Address: Moscow, 4th st. Maryina Grove, ow. 12 (SVAO)

Total ground area - more than 200,000 m2

Total underground area - 32,000 m2

Sergej Pereslegin
Nikolaj Pereslegin
Georgij Trofimov
Svetlana Kravchenko
YAna Zelenchuk
Anton Baev
Akopov Georgij
Mariya Varlamova
Ekaterina Voloshko
Vladislav Vol'skij
Ekaterina Vostokova
Egor Dremov
YUliya Ivashova
Andrej Kozhanov
Egor Kyrchanov
Ekaterina Murashko
Ani Pogosyan
Aleksandr Rodionov
Ol'ga Rud'ko
Dar'ya Semenova
Mariya Timofeeva
Aleksandra CHepovskaya