About project
The third house from the Kremlin.
The project assumes development the of a hotel complex here by recreating the historical structure of the plot.
The arch makes a distinctive element of the project, emphasizing the continuity of the architecture of new buildings. Proportions and scale of the arches, together with the local "entasis" - a slight narrowing of the volumes towards the top - is a figurative reference to the theme of old boyar chambers.
The mythological animals of Ancient Rus appear the symbol of the building. An image of a griffin is engraved at the main entrance.
Tactile stone - limestone – serves the main finishing material for new buildings.
Two volumes adjacent to historical buildings have a pitched roof.
Two detached blocks are terraced.
Фото строительства

The residential complex "Ilinaka ⅜" will be located in the vicinity of the Kremlin, in the very heart of the ancient capital. The plot hosts three architectural monuments - two buildings of the Warm Shopping Arcades and the ruins of one of the Epiphany Trade Lines’ buildings. It is just a small part of the very first in Russia heated commercial buildings of the 19th century, which was almost completely demolished in the 2000s. New volumes of the future residential complex are being built within the boundaries of the lost Shopping Arcades and Epiphany Lines.

The architecture of the complex was inspired by the figurative interpretation of the ancient Moscow white-stone chambers and farmsteads. The primary emotion embodied in the project is the appeal of bringing multifaceted historical structure to life.

Intellectual saturation, the multi-layered historical context together with reflection on it became the main starting point of the project. The contours of the arched historical windows are smoothly turning into the outlines of new volumes. The characteristic step of the masonry features an allusion to the white-stone carving of St. George's Cathedral in Yuryev-Polsky. The ground floors of the masonry of new buildings feature inserts with stone reliefs. Images of fabulous animals and ornaments refer us to the elements remaining on the facades of the main architectural monument of pre-Mongol Rus. Following the gaze along the facades of the Voznesensky Lane makes it possible for each bystander to enjoy a retrospective journey.

Customer: JSC "Inteko"

Status: under construction

Type: residential buildings

Address: Moscow, st. Ilyinka, 3/8 building 3,4; Bogoyavlensky lane, 6, building 1

Total ground area - 8,800 m2

Total underground area - 3,500 m2

Nikolaj Pereslegin
Sergej Pereslegin
Georgij Trofimov
Aleksandr Safroshkin
Egor Legkov
Ol'ga Rud'ko
Asya Markosyan
Mariya Korneeva
Egor Kyrchanov
Anastasiya Ushanova
Evgeniya Karpunina
Irina Gartig