About project
Park of the Future is a project of a master plan and pavilions that spread over 32 ha on the territory of VDNKh.
The territory is connected by a cableway. It’s Northern and Southern stations, like the pavilions, are filled with the atmosphere of retrofuturism.
Northern station.
Southern station.
The Sun.

Park of the Future is a project spread over 32 hectares of VDNKh territory. The master plan concept featuring several landmarks: Pavilion "City", "Butterflies", "Metro of time", Northern and Southern stations, connected by a cableway is filled with the atmosphere of retrofuturism bringing visitors from the past to a bright future.

The architecture of the pavilions varies from glass volumes (the “City” and “Butterflies” pavilion) to monolithic concrete ones (the “Metro Time” pavilion). The cable car with supports made of concrete makes a recognizable landmark that can be viewed from different points of the VDNKh territory.

Customer: JSC "VDNKh"

Status: under construction

Type: territory development

Address: Moscow, Prospekt Mira, vl. 119

Area: 17.25 ha

Sergej Pereslegin
Georgij Trofimov
Nikolaj Pereslegin
YAna Cvetkova
Egor Legkov
Sergej Kiselev
Egor Kyrchanov