About project
The four towers of the complex make a fragment of the city-silhouette.
A varied silhouette turns into the embodiment of a complex dance.

The four towers of the residential complex on Khutorskaya recreate a fragment of the city-silhouette. The design site is located on the railway line of the Moscow Central Diameter. Such location also partly determinates the character of the complex: it is a new starting point for urban development. The volumes of the buildings are designed to create a sense of a solid yet diverse silhouette. The irregular arrangement of the towers in the plan is due to the norms of insolation, as well as to provide the best views on the city.

Customer: MR Group

Status: under construction

Type: residential buildings

Address: Moscow, 2nd Khutorskaya street, vl. 34

Total ground area - 155,000 m2

Total underground area - 27,300 m2

Nikolaj Pereslegin
Sergej Pereslegin
Georgij Trofimov
Kseniya Vorob'eva
Nadezhda Kalashnikova
Mariya Koroleva
Anastasiya Bodrova
Vladislav Vol'skij
Kseniya Dudnikova
Asya Markosyan
Elena SHevchenko
Egor Dremov
Aliya Mirobdalova