About project
The complex on Ostozhenka includes a residential building, museum and community center.
The square, which for decades has been extinct from city life, will turn into a universal public space open to everyone.
The heart of the residential part holds a chamber courtyard.

The complex includes a residential building, as well as a museum center connecting the new construction with the White and Red Chambers, where the works are being carried out in the in restoration mode. The square between them, which for decades has been excluded from the city life, will become a universal public space open to everyone.

Customer: Stroyteks Group of Companies

Status: under construction

Type: residential buildings

Address: Moscow, st. Ostozhenka, 4-6

Total ground area - 9 654 m2

Total underground area - 10,000 m2

Nikolaj Pereslegin
Sergej Pereslegin
Georgij Trofimov
Anastasiya Bodrova
Ekaterina Murashko
Kseniya Vorob'eva
Dar'ya Mineeva
Nadezhda Kalashnikova