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YEAR: 2014
AREA: 24,4 Hа
Island in Izmailovo
Moscow, Izmailova Estate
Izmaylovsky Island was created in the XVII century by the decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov. This place attracted him with its hunting grounds, and later he decided to build an exemplary experimental farm-household here. There were greenhouses, a regular garden with flower beds, gazebos, green galleries and a labyrinth, wide gardens with fruit and ornamental trees.
Currently, the development of the western part of the island can be the first step for the transition of the whole Izmailovsky Park to a fundamentally new quality — as a developing center of attraction in the city's cultural fabric. It is proposed to recreate gardens and pedestrian embankments based on the archival materials. The design cases suggest the use of buried levels for the new structures, thereby preserving the existing historical ensemble as a compositional dominant.

This method allows one to save the visual line of development that can be seen both from the island directly and from the opposite banks. The buildings appeal to the history of the royal gardens.

The square form of the "Poteshny" garden divided into 9 equal parts leaves room for a cultural learning center with an amphitheater and winter gardens. Aptekarsky garden opens a panoramic view from the windows of the complex to the courtyard with a water surface that refers back to the landmark ponds on the island. Regular "Prosyansky" garden with a glazed perimeter facade reproduces the idea of a secret park.

The greened roofs that are applied to of all buildings make it possible to turn Izmaylovsky Island into a complex maze of historical layers and periods, while providing a multi-layered park area for walks. The main idea is to fit the new spaces into the existing landscape without touching a single tree.
In 1676-1687 a wooden palace was erected on a high stone foundation, reminiscent of the beauty of a wooden palace in another royal residence - the village of Kolomenskoye. Izmaylovsky Palace, the center of a large farmstead, consisted of 20 log houses of various sizes, connected by passages.

The Tsar's tower chambers of the Izmailovsky Palace had picturesque carved wooden porches with columns with turnery, barrel-like roofs and towers, as well as the ones in Kolomenskoye. However, the palace in Kolomenskoye was intended more for amusements, whereas the palace in Izmailovo was a center of a large farmstead.

Unfortunately, the wooden palaces of Kolomenskoye and Izmailovo did not reach our time, although a palace similar to the palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was built in Kolomenskoye in 2009 theyt. In 1765 the dilapidated palace of Izmailovo was torn down, at the same time the fortified fence and the arch bridge were dismantled.