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Exhibition at 'Museum of Architecture'
Moscow, Vozdvizhenka st., 5/25
"Ruin" outhouse is a remarkable space with a unique history and atmosphere. Long before restoration of the building, great cultural events took place here. David Sarkisyan, who was the Director of the Museum of Architecture at that time, organized exhibitions in this house, and Alexander Brodsky, architect and artist, worked in his studio here.
It was important to demonstrate the value of exhibits made by "Innovation" award nominees, and, at the same time, emphasize the sense of the historical building, its arches and walls. We invented a way to show the exhibits with proper care: spindle-legged metal pedestals leant on the arches of restored "Ruin".
About the display

The central installation was the one made by Leonid Tishkov, "Innovation" award artist of the year. It was a fragment from exhibition "Look at your house" which was a sensation in Nizniy Novgorod. In the author's plot a boy named Alyosha goes and seeks for his family on a boat with a huge fishing net in a bright moonlight. The winner of "New generation" nomination is Kirill Gluschenko. His project is resulted from activities of "Gluschenkoizdat" publishing house: the artist travels around the cities of the former USSR and creates books about them.

One of exhibited works was Elena Skripkina's installation devoted to Olivier Messiaen's music composition created in an extermination camp. "Quartet for the end of time" is inspired by desire for freedom, the music incorporates chant of birds and gives a sensation of infinity.

Artist Egor Kraft created a media myth: using pseudoscientific language, a fictional company declares on its website www.thenewcolor.net a revolutionary discovery – a color that is new for a human eye. In the artist's reality everyone in the world believes those who are able to distinguish this color.

Ulyana Podkorytova's exhibition mythologizes a woman's plait and creates a new artistic language, "plaitism".