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Apartment complex in ZIL
Moscow, Avtozavodskaya st., 22
We designed a complex of apartments on the territory of the former ZIL factory — one of the landmark points of Moscow. The figurative design of the facade is based on the vertical rib-like lamellas made of reinforced concrete that exist throughout the perimeter of the building, one of the functions of those is to reduce the noise effect from the MCC line and partial protection from direct sunlight in case of the building's meridian orientation.
The lamellas differ from each other by the angle of their rotation in relation to the plane of the facade. Such method is applied because of the location of the house along the street front and the immediate proximity of the MCC. It allows achieving a certain optical effect that comes out of different perspectives of viewing the facade in movement for motorists, pedestrians and passengers of the MCC.
The Kleinewelt architekten house opens up for a view from different speeds and levels of viewing: for motorists and pedestrians – while driving southward along Architector Melnikov Street, for MCC passengers – while traveling by train on the inner route of the circle. For each of these categories, a different angle system is created. The facade of the house is divided into three blocks – lightweight and accelerating from the lower floors to the upper ones. Each of the blocks varies depending on the viewing angle in movement – similar to the principle of children's postcards with lenticular images.