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CLient: GAUK of moscow «MPK «severnoe tushino»
area: 22,24 га
THe project was developed in colloboration with CITIZENSTUDIO / «gorozhane»
Northern River Station Park
Moscow, Leningradskoye highway
Moscow Northern river station opened the way to the 5 sees, and serves as a watergate to metropoly of Russia. The park we have here is a unique recreational zone and a firewall between riverine and the city. The park is currently excluded from urban fabric. We tried to solve the problem providing this restoration project.
"This is the only park in Moscow that has a sea promenade instead of a riverine one. It symbolizes Moscow as the port of five seas. We decided to map whole Western Russia river system on its territory. The project intended reconstruction of historical walkway network and adding a new layer of alternate routes. The objects on that new layer symbolize the main cities of central Russia with the Station representing Moscow – the capital. Designed as utopia the site attempts to reach the soviet dream, charging the hopeful atmosphere of soviet Thaw period `50-60s.".

"This is the only park in Moscow that has not a river, but a sea embankment. The Northern River Station embodies the themes of Moscow - the port of five seas. We've projected the map of the river system of the European part of Russia on the territory of the whole park. It was supposed to restore the regular historical grid of tracks and create a layer of alternative new routes that will delicately pass between existing trees. All objects of the alternative route symbolize the cities of the European part of Russia. The area in front of the station, the station itself is Moscow. To the north of Moscow — Yaroslavl, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg and other northern Russian cities. To the south of Moscow — Kaluga, Orel, Voronezh, Saratov, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan ... Working on the project, we tried to create a mood of thaw times. The park of five seas is permeated with water, the mood of the sea, a resort, northern and southern rivers and cities. This is the realization of an utopian dream of a happy Soviet childhood that was laid during the construction of the park."

Nikolay Pereslegin
The general plan scheme of the Northern River Station