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YEAR: 2016
AREa: 111,8 га
Mitino Landscape Park
Moscow, Penyaginskaya street
Moscow's first archeological cluster will take place in Mitino park. Mitino district is located on Moscow's most ancient terrain. It makes Mitino best location for an archeology theme-park, where visitors can see early housing, kurgans and household items, been used in the first century B.C.
The whole archaeological cluster is united by the Museum Square, in the center of which glass showcases with ancient finds will be located. From the Museum Square you can walk along the pedestrian archaeological route and find out about all the ancient burials, villages and fortifications that are in the park. The project also provides for sports and children's playgrounds, amusement park, places for concerts and performances.
"The archeological museum complex will be founded in Mitino. That territory is the only ancient terrain left in the city. Only few are aware of it. We are going to turn an old werehouse into a museum so that everybody can see the artifacts, that are now held in Moscow History Museum".

Sergey Pereslegin
"In order to preserve this landscape for local residents, we plan to build an archaeological route through a grove that is located on an old settlement. A glass bulb of reinforced glass will appear the to preserve archaeological finds".

George Trofimov