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YEAR: 2016
AREA: 24,7 га
Khodynka Field Park
Moscow, Khodynsky boulevard
Moscows first airport used to be here with the first regular flight between Russia and Europe — Moscow-Berlin. Aviation theme is very important. The runway at the central square will be preserved. The park will be divided in three parts. Trade will be concentrated around the new "CSKA" underground station. In the middle, near the runway, there will be several pavilions and sports infrastructure. And the third part will be quieter – saved for walks. Different zones of the park will be called "terminals", as in airports.
Khodynka field Park is created from scratch, on the site of the former airfield. As the terminals at the airport, the park will have its divided zones A, B and C. The activities zone, the zone of transit exit from the metro and the quiet rest zone. Navigation in the park will be performed in the of one in airports. There will be sports and children's playgrounds, coworking, a trampoline center, a stage for events, cafes and rental outlets. The city garden will be planted and pedestrian boulevards will be equipped.

"Now Khodynskoe Pole is one of the most chaotically built up districts of Moscow. In fact, this region does not have its own clear center. There is only a pile of cyclopean scale residential houses, office buildings, shopping centers, stadiums, religious buildings. The only urban core of this district, which should put in order the entire environment, can be a park.

Nowadays a former taxiway passes through the territory of the future park. In memory of the airport, we decided to make this place the main square of the whole area — from Leningradsky Prospekt to Khoroshevskoye Highway. After all, Khodynskoe Pole is the place of the first regular flights from Moscow to Western European countries, an aviation window to Europe"

Nikolai Pereslegin
"The uniqueness of this project is that a new park is being created from scratch in the wasteland, among high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Former airfield, the military and construction equipment parking lot, unceasing construction sites, barriers, fences, excavations, cabins, concrete slabs and dump trucks becomes its opposite — a park of rare landscape, a place of quiet rest that emphasizes and preserves the history of the place"

Sergey Pereslegin