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CLIENT: GAUK of Moscow «PKIO «Taganskiy park»
Taganskiy Children Park
Moscow, Taganskaya Str., 40–42
Our bureau has designed several all-season pavilions and a park scene in Taganskiy Children Park. In one of the pavilions, both in winter and in summer, there will be developmental activities. Its volume, facing the foreside towards the playground, is made up of several cubes of different heights, combining solid fenestration and finishing with colored translucent panels. In the second pavilion there will be cafes, games rental, mother and child room, bathrooms. One can see the whole park from the terrace of this two-storey building. In the evenings, it will be possible to watch movies and cartoons or study the stars.
«We had a difficult task to design infrastructure facilities for the first and the only children's park in Moscow. The deadline was tight, the budget was minimal. But we enjoyed the task. We tried to make understandable and simple architecture. We created a nice and modern space for children. Here you can feel safe and comfortable as a citizen born Moscow-city»

Nikolay Pereslegin
«The pavilions have a complex geometry because of the site factors. It's a kind of isolated oasis from residential areas. We created a very comfortable and a pleasant town for children»

Sergei Pereslegin