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YEAR: 2015
AREA: 96 453 м2
Apartment Complex in Lytkarino
Moscow region, Lytkarino
Flats and apartments with a total area of more than 110,000 m2 will appear in the suburban area of Lytkarino. On the lower floors there will be a café, a library, a children's center, a museum, shops and other important facilities that the city is now short of.

A pedestrian boulevard will connect the divided courtyards and will become an important public space for the entire city of Lytkarino, a point of attraction for the surrounding residents, a new semantic center of urban activities.
"The city of Lytkarino is located between two manors. Our task was to carefully put the residential area of 200 thousand m2 between them. This area will become the semantic center of the whole Lytkarino, the one it never had "

Nikolay Pereslegin
General Plan for the district with adjusted formstead park
General Plan feuturing the regulation for cadastre developvent
Housing plan for the living district
Axonometry for the district
Housing complex layout